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  • How to use ISODate in MongoAPI
    Usually we would use the following syntax to filter a collection by a date in Mongo That doesnt work in the API (especially when using the Dataverse Connector in PowerPlatform). There we can use the following syntax See that this needs to be valid JSON not EJSON. Hope […]
  • Adventures with DelayedAction (C#)
    Today I worked on a project and found a piece of code, that left me wondering what the one who wrote it was actually thinking this should do. I know what the code is intended to do, but it was so weird, I wanted to share and try […]
  • What’s wrong with those ObservableCollections and Threading?
    When you are developing Apps with Xamarin.Forms you probably used ObservableCollections more than once. That’s pretty neat, because an ObservableCollection notifies the View on any changes that occur, so you don’t have to care about updating the Views. A common use case is as follows. You have a […]
  • Using async/await in an IValueConverter in Xamarin.Forms
    Let’s start out with a very simple Setting – we have the following Models:Product+ Id : string+ Name: string+ Image: Image Image+ Id: string+ Filename: string In our service layer, we have a function that gets all products, and we want to show them on a Xamarin.Forms page, […]
  • Creating a Flyout in Xamarin.Forms
    Flyouts are a pretty neat control, first introduced in Windows UWP, but there is nothing close in Xamarin.Forms which can be used on all platforms. So I decided to create one. What is a Flyout? from the Windows UWP documentation (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/uwp/api/windows.ui.xaml.controls.flyout?view=winrt-19041) “Use a Flyout control for collecting information, […]
  • How to find the root Page of a specific Control in Xamarin.Forms
    Actually it’s very easy to achieve this. Just traverse the visual tree upwards to find the root. This does what we intended to do, but… we can do better than that!Maybe we don’t want to just find the (Content)Page, how about finding the root grid, or a parent […]
  • Supported Linq query expressions in Realm
    Sooner or later, you’ll come to the point, that you don’t only want to get objects by Id or the whole set of objects of a specific type in Realm. The easiest, but probably most unsophisticated way to do it, would be just use a function on a […]
  • User Access Management in Realm
    As I already stated before, I love Realm.io. It’s a pretty cool object oriented database, with a very mighty synchronization mechanism, that helps you build mobile apps just right out of the box. But that’s not the end of the line.. It also ships with a very mighty […]
  • Using Realm Notifications in .Net
    There is a documentation on Realm.io, that describes how to hook up on a ROS (Realm Object Server) to observe changes on specific Realms, RealmObjects or whole instances. So there is no need to actually download the whole Realm, since it “sees” the changes directly on the server. […]
  • Performance of loading Xaml dynamically in Xamarin.Forms
    As I mentioned in a previous post, you can quite easily load Xaml dynamically in your Xamarin.Forms App. But how about performance? How long does it take in comparison to “regular” loading of pre-compiled Xaml. It’s anything but easy to really measure this. We could eventually use LoadFromXaml […]